Hi, I'm Isaac!

I am a serial entrepreneur, nonprofit founder, and former collegiate athlete. More importantly, I’m a loving husband to my queen, father to my princess, and son to the best, most inspiring parents around. I’m honored that you’ve stumbled upon my website. I hope that I can add value to you to enrich your business and life!

Let’s dig in to more about me...

I believe we all have a dream and a purpose. Mine is to help people live more passionate, impactful lives. I believe that lasting impact begins and ends with personal growth and travels through serving our gifts to the world through the creation and execution of a successful business.

Coaching, teaching, and speaking help me fulfill my mission. It allows me to connect with people wanting to live their very best lives.

As a coach, teacher, and speaker, I draw from my professional experiences as a serial entrepreneur, nonprofit founder, and former collegiate athlete blended with my personal story of resilience. I’ve been blessed to own 7 for-profit businesses and one nonprofit organization in my 9 years of entrepreneurship. 

My tenured entrepreneurial journey has given me successes, failures, wins, and losses all that aid me in helping new and aspiring business owners plan, launch, and grow their businesses.

Think it and I’ve experienced it, which is what has equipped me to guide you through the labyrinth of business ownership to shorten your learning curve and streamline your success.

If you end up participating in one of my programs or keynotes, my goal is to have you return to your personal and professional life with renewed focus on your purpose and a plan to deliver your gift to the world. Let’s get to work.

What's your Myers Briggs?


Where do you live?

Kansas City, MO.

What's your pet peeve?


Favorite movie?


What are your interests?

Hanging out with my wife and daughter, sports, anything nerdy (video games, anime, cartoons), binging YouTube videos, and working out.

If you had the world's attention for 30 seconds, what would you say?

Hot Take: Star Wars is overrated. I said what I said. ;) 

Favorite part of the business process?

The ideation and launch phase. I love the creation of something that doesn't already exist.

Go-to fix for a bad day?

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

Where do you hang out most online?


What's your enneagram type?

Type Three, Wing Two.

Morning person or night owl?

Morning person. I'm dead to the world by 8pm!